LOWLIVES Unleash New Anthem ‘Loser’

LOWLIVES Unleash New Anthem ‘Loser’

LOWLIVES have unleashed new single ‘Loser’. This new track was accompanied by a highly anticipated debut album announcement, ‘Freaking Out’ which is arriving on 31st May. Loser is the first glimpse into what ‘Freaking Out’ has instore. 

Leading you into the track is a moment of guitar feedback, instantly capturing a grunge sound that follows throughout. Bursting drums amplifies the track instantly before a strong chorus. The chorus allows ‘Loser’ to become more diverse - with hints of pop offset by gravelly emotive vocals and driving guitar.

The second verse presents similarly to the first, evolving into an even stronger vocal display from Lee Downer. A standout guitar riff becomes more prominent as the bridge morphs into an instrumental cut out. A brief second of softer vocals before a final rendition of the mighty chorus captivates you further.

Creatively, LOWLIVES have captured their sound within their music video for the track impressively and cohesively. Harsh red lights around a small basement style room reflects the alternative 90’s sound ‘Loser’ radiates. Taking you on the journey of a self-proclaimed loser falling in love with another misfit, the track and video alike embody a nostalgic, grunge feel.

‘Loser’ is an impressive track that grips you throughout with its dynamic instrumentals, intense vocals and a clearly considered visual representation.