Waterparks, Loveless, and Sophie Powers shake VA

Waterparks, Loveless, and Sophie Powers shake VA

The night started with lines wrapped around the whole building. Definitely got my cardio in for the day trying to find the end of the line.

Sophie Powers was first up. Unfortunately, a microphone issue caused a slight delay. While waiting for the mic to get back running Powers didn’t not let that slow her down one bit. From posing for the camera…well cameras, plural, to talking to the crowd, she made sure people were still having a great time. Once things picked back up it was nothing but an iconic performance! The best I can describe it was the energy of a break out artist from 2006 with a new age spin on it.

Next to the stage was the duo Loveless. Entering the stage with such high energy, I was trying to contain myself. When Shakira said "Hips don’t lie," Julian said, "Hold my mic." He’s was MOVIN' on that stage like an angelic force. Speaking of angelic forces, Julian's voice put everyone in a trance. The crowd went insane for them. They even had two mosh pits going at the same with a Charizard leading the charge. Yes, you read that right. Okay, so it might have a guy in a Charizard onsie... but obviously the first version is more fun.

The moment everyone was waiting for: Waterparks. From the stage set up to their entrance, nothing was less than perfection. I couldn’t tell you what the first song they played was over the crowd exploding. I genuinely had to take out my earplugs to make sure I was hearing right. The boys were playing bops back to back to back. The crowd was loving every second. After Awsten addressed/commented about crowd surfing…the floodgates open. It was such an amazing performance, I can’t recommend catching them live enough.

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