What A Way to Enter a New Era – Two New Singles ‘Speed Demon’ and ‘Straight From The Heart’ from Dance Gavin Dance

What A Way to Enter a New Era – Two New Singles ‘Speed Demon’ and ‘Straight From The Heart’ from Dance Gavin Dance

 Dance Gavin Dance have entered their new era with a pair of intense and heavy singles. Spanning a near seven-minute total, ‘Speed Demon’ and ‘Straight From The Heart’ are loaded with strong vocals and vigorous instrumentals. 

Coming in first with ‘Speed Demon’ brings intricate riffs and hard-hitting drums. Andrew Wells provides an impressive showcase of clean vocals that sync effectively alongside Jon Mess and his raspy screaming that Dance Gavin Dance are known for. The melody is catchy and continues to evolve.  

‘Speed Demon’ doesn’t leave you waiting for more but satisfies every itch. Guitar riffs are continuously addictive. A break in snappy drums to a forceful bass drum brings your attention to each element that sets ‘Speed Demon’ apart with an even more guttural display of vocals.  

The track ends abruptly with a fade out of ethereal vocals but of course that's not it. 

Continuing into their new chapter ‘Straight From The Heart’ comes next, which brings forward a more experimental side. Vocals here are even more cleanly melodic but this single morphs into heavier sections full of more powerful low toned screams. Lyrics are both fuelled by aggression but with positive undertones.  

As the track comes to a close, the tone seems more light-hearted a groovy selection of guitars and selection of layered vocals and a final arrangement of strong broken drums.  

What a way to kick start their new era. ‘Speed Demon’ and ‘Straight From The Heart’ show an impressive progression with vocals and instrumentals. The two singles keep the bands signature hardcore feel that are clearly identifiable to Dance Gavin Dance but make way for more experimentation and creativity. Both tracks showcase each members talents and they’re clearly flourishing entering their new era.  

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