What Lies Below Shakes up Fort Wayne

What Lies Below Shakes up Fort Wayne

Piere’s - Stan’s Room - Fort Wayne, IN

If only electricity could be generated by the sonic attacks, breakdowns, headbangs, and bleghs at a metal concert.  Certainly, Fort Wayne would be powered for weeks after the four-band set crushed Stan’s Room last Saturday, April 27th.  For sure, the Energy To Breathe Again, Coldstate, A Sense of Purpose, and What Lies Below brought to the state would have supercharged tesla coils strong enough to bring Frankenstein to life.

A local favorite, To Breathe Again took the stage first.  Fort Wayne’s very own alt metal band  recently released their latest album, “Moments' ' right before Christmas of last year.  Vocalist/guitar player, Austin Wiard, commandeered the venue with electrifying stage presence.  His energy reminded me of Jaycee Clark, vocalist for A Light Divided who I noticed follows To Breathe Again on Instagram.  Lead vocalists such as Austin or Jaycee not only make you hear the music, but they make you feel the music!  The band is rounded out by Scotty Wiard (lead guitar), Lake Koble (bass), and Jordan Dunham (drums).  You’d be wise to follow their socials and catch them at the next show.  Currently, they are back in the studio and working on new music.

Indianapolis’ powerhouse metalcore band Coldstate was next up.  Austin set the bar high for lead vocalists and Clayton White accepted the challenge.  Coldstate is coming off a recent release of two singles, “Sorrow” and “Weighed Down,” both released on March 22, 2024.  Clayton’s growls and screams, combined with crisp melodies, are truly a force to be reckoned with.  As I write this review, I can only scratch my head and ask why I haven’t come across them somewhere in Indianapolis.  One thing is certain, this is the first of many times I will see this band.  The other band members are Noah Porter (lead guitar), Fernando Diaz (rhythm guitar), Scottie Newerth (bass), and Jacobi Ray Malone (drums).  You can catch them at the Portal in Louisville, KY on June 21, 2024 alongside If Not For Me and Archers.

  Cleveland’s own metalcore band, A Sense of Purpose, was third on the bill. There must have been a lead vocalist challenge that I wasn’t aware of because Jon Benjamin (vocals) picked up right where the previous bands left off.  A Sense of Purpose is hot off the release of their latest single, “Ruin.”  From clean choruses to gritty growls, razor sharp arpeggios to punchy bass lines, it’s no wonder this band opened for Spiritbox in 2022.  Rounding out the band is  Chris Petrof (guitar, vocals), Kyle Whittaker (guitar), Seth Holt (bass), and Nick Chiudioni (drums).  They’ll be alongside another Ohio favorite, Convictions, on 5/11/24 in Erie, PA at the Basement Transmissions  They’re also playing the Upheaval Festival in Grand Rapids, Michigan Friday, July 19, 2024 and are sharing the same stage with bands such as Ayron Jones, Saliva, Sevendust, Killswitch Engage, and Godsmack!

Originating out of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, metalcore heavyweights What Lies Below headlined the night.  Andrew Watson (vocals) also seemingly joined the lead vocalist competition referenced earlier.  With his mystic melodies combined with dark gutturals, there seemingly isn’t a range he can’t cover.  Throwing down alongside Andrew is Mike Watson (guitar, vocals), Sam Hart (guitar), and Jonah Luteman (drums).  If you’re on the east coast then you can catch What Lies Below with Destroy//Create for a three-stop tour from May 16 - May 19.  They’ll also be support for ENMY on on Friday, July 5, 2024 in Mechanicsburg, PA at Lovedraft’s Brewing.

Until this show, I’ve never been to a show where every band could have been the headliner.  Every riff, beat, guttural, and breakdown was onpoint.  Certainly, I will compare future shows to this gem Fort Wayne was lucky to have.  All four bands can be found on Spotify.  Check them out and let us know what you think!

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